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published by Sarah Nove Gauthier, in 8 509

I wanted to look into your eyes sweetly
hear the wind whisper your name
flip the mirror through your lenses
see the dawn of a day through your eyes

At night we would walk down the sidewalk
discreet, silent, feeling the floor
the rush of others would be torn apart
and time and space would fit in your hand

And the navy blue curtains and blankets
they would be a portal to a new world
your muscle and your sigh would be the way
your sweat and your strenght would be deep

I would remember the first time I felt you
even far away, while you were writing in the woods
when I opened my books and you were on the first page
beautiful, sincere, alive and pointing north

The songs reminded me of your smile
and I imagined touching your hair
and your movements would look like warnings
showing the vivacity of  desire

I would row your deep ocean
and I would see the fantasy in poison
and together we would fall into a deep sleep
and I would wake you up reciting this poetry.


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