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published by Dianna, in THE MOON

though i am enticed by love alone
there is life in me
when i set my eyes on the spring
and fate is sewn into my skin
like i could be alive again

in death there are little memories
that which i visit repeatedly
houses filled with the thought of you
oh, how you remind me of old days
when the sun loved me

in this inky dark i fly to stars
searching for life again
for a time when there was everything
and no nothings

the light only lasts for some time
and when i open my eyes
the gods greet me
perhaps in loneliness

this eternity is a hollow shell
and i wait for fullness
in the end

i wait for everything
to come again
and mend me

reaching for you
on the other side

like these lonely gods
who i cannot help but be

when will life come again?

the universe spins endlessly

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