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published by Dianna, in THE MOON

i contemplated your gaze
wondering what it could mean;
do you love me?
no–that is too much to ask,
do you hate me?

the god stares down at us
her eyes flickering with unseen visions
mouth moving in indescribable words
she is waiting and never waiting.

at once i must ask you,
how far we know,
how far we may go,
how far we sew
this existence of truth?

i long to reach you,
the god is closer to me than you,
and the trees wind and twist
through my hair–whispering.

the sun and the moon
reflect us alone
and she is the sky unwinded;
must we disappoint her
with our ignorance?

a voice speaks in my ear
it shows all temptation,
everything i could bury–
including the god.

but your eyes,
oh, how they remind me of stars,
oh, how they watch,
oh, how your gaze is mine.
there is no choice without you.

only a god and a snake.

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