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published by Dianna, in THE MOON

the great you,
who lies abed in a canopy of stars.
you, who is the greatest lover
of all humanity.

you, who i dream of
in those dusky nights;
you are everything good in this world.

you, the unconditional lover,
my dearest moon.

everyone who has ever lived
looks upon you every night;
you are the reminder of home.

my grief is waned by you alone,
your silvery arms reaching to me
in that godly embrace.

there is no loving without you,
i know.

so many secrets you keep,
hidden beneath that veil of stars;
your voice silent between the clouds.

and yet somehow,
i still hear you in my dreams.

you are my great protector.

i am yours to have and to keep.

know this, darling moon:

no matter how long times go on,
i will never stop
loving you.
i will remember you forever.

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