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published by Dianna, in THE MOON

the night has been lonely for you.

your voice comes in whispers,
but your eyes…
they scream at me.
you want to come home, don’t you?

i am your wish-granter,
to you alone…
but i am a dreamer, too.
the moon knows your name, didn’t you know?

when i close my eyes,
we meet on your red planet.

your hair has been stained red and black,
your skin tanned and beaten by a far star,
and your hands —

you’re angry.

you’re longing.

i miss you,” you say.
i reply, “i know.”

you tell me, “come back.”
my eyes drop. “there’s nothing to come back to.

once upon a time,
your dusty home used to be filled,
lush, and protected,
loved by the star.

but time has its enemies.
your home was so.

i want you to stay with me,
but you stay alone.
in stubbornness, perhaps.
in hope.

i understand.
the moon will watch over you from afar,
she will let me know where you are.

but i still miss you.”

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