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published by Dianna, in THE MOON

the Clouds roll in during the Morning,
spreading the Sun all across
emerald Hills and azure Waves,
and I find myself in waiting.

there is an Ode to you in every waking moment,
and I find Spring in desolate Winters
everytime I think of you.

how the Stars watch me
among a cradle of Night
listening to the songs I sing
to coax you from the Moon.

weaving quilts of Fate and Time,
the Winds bring to me a message
from you:

I will forfeit this longing for you,
if it means you live a life of satisfaction,
and there is nothing to wish for;
do not waste your Time in dreams.

though you have wrapped my Memories of you
into sharp spades,
meant to dig into my ancient Love of you,
I defy you in grief and unending remembrances
of your presence and absence.

I will Love you anyway.

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