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published by Dianna, in THE MOON

dear darling stars and moon,
you gave me more than i perhaps deserved,
and i still feel the gaping hole you left–
will i always feel it?
in butterflies i remember your name
your eyes
your smile
in twinkling nights i hold you again
close to my heart
close to my chest
as if you never slipped away

dear wonderful spring and may,
you loved me more than i ever knew,
and i clutch my heart in waiting for you–
how could i give it away?
in bird songs i swear i hear you
again in harmony
again in courage
in everything kind you kiss me again
like the world were new
like the world were true
as if you never went to sleep

dear delicate clouds and rain,
you had my heart more than you knew,
and i wish i had showed it more to you–
would it have been enough, too?
in dreams i picture you
always healthy
always young
in sadness i cry and wish you were here
and had never left
and had never gone
as if you were not dead

thank you for loving me.

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