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published by Dianna, in THE MOON

I shall have you alone,
there is no one else I can fathom in my arms.
When there is a chain around my heart,
it is in your name.

The clouds part and when I watch your face,
yours eyes reflect the great sun.
The autumn falls to the earth but when I think of you,
I cannot help but think of the spring.

Distance is not my enemy,
even when you are far across the sea.
I dream of you
and there is no parting.

Even across these lifetimes,
the gods anticipate our first meeting.
You come to me with different faces and places,
but your love is all the same.

This endless desire is all-consuming,
but I would have no other obsession.

On the other side of this mirror,
your face is all I see.

Some sweet music will do for you,
and there is no time in our small lives.
Stars write our names in the endless canvas
of a dazzling night.

Perhaps in our honor,
I must live infinitely.
There must be an eternity
waiting for me in your embrace.

Though I am not perfect,
even around you.
I am enough for you,
this is your most generous gift.

The world breathes in waiting for you,
just as I do.
Where are you,
dearest lover?

I implore you,
come find me.

Perhaps then,
life will see me again.

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