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If the Sun will Rise again Tomorrow

published by Evan Buckiewicz, in Prose and Poetry

When I say that the sun will rise again tomorrow

I mean that I will have trust in the stability of my horizons;

what I see is only what the light touches;


if (it’s true that the sun will rise again tomorrow):

let my faith be a sprawling oak,

with perennial roots and slow purpose,

a canopy spread wide;

touching the light;


Otherwise if (induction is not reliable and

symbols will change their meanings):

let my faith be a creeping vine,

with tendrils that extend and latch on,

what once meant secure might now mean release;

the light will touch a path’s edge at least;


Or else:

my faith is but an empty hull,

prepared in anticipation of conditions never met;

what the light touches and what comes from it next

I am neither able to remember or forget;

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